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Charles M. Barnes has been playing music since the age of four. At twelve years old he worked his first studio session playing drums, and at the age of sixteen, Charles worked his first European tour. He has worked with various award-winning (i.e., Dove Awards, CMA Awards, and Grammy Awards) artists ranging from gospel, country, rock, R & B and jazz. He is a musician (both studio and live), producer, orchestrator, arranger, songwriter and composer. Many of his songs have been chosen for film catalogs and recorded by other artists.

Over the years Charles has been honored to work with some very talented and successful songwriters. Many of these songwriters have had multiple  number-one hits in country and gospel music. Songwriting is a special craft and like wood crafting, it takes time. The joy of songwriting is taking a blank sheet of paper and turning it into a story people love to hear. Charles has had the privilege of some of his songs being recorded by other artists. Please feel free to listen to a few samples of the various styles of songs crafted by the pen of CMB.

Charles has had the privilege of working with various recording artists. As a producer, arranger, orchestrator, bass player,  piano and keyboard player, he believes in giving people the sound they want to hear. Below are just a few songs CMB has worked  on through the years. Writing orchestrations is a thrill for Charles, whether it’s big band, jazz, film scores, or gaming music, there is no greater joy than watching the sounds come together.

Charles is an author who writes with passion. He has the ability to not only write fiction in screenplays, but also write books that help people find guidance and encouragement for everyday life. Many of his books give you a self-introspective look, challenging you to live higher and dream bigger. Each book has in-depth views of a different way of thinking about life, God, relationships, and more!

Charles has a talent of telling a story and making it come to life. Imagination and creativity are two things that CMB is gifted with and always brings heartfelt emotions to a storyboard along with fresh ideas. Whether it’s a romantic comedy, historical love story or a mystical ride in a western scene, the viewers feel and live the story.

Charles had an idea to help protect songwriters, authors, screenplay writers, and inventors protect their works through the internet. With the help of his son, Jadon Barnes, the website WriterLock.com  was created to help people share their works of art securely.  Charles has other apps and websites in development to help others develop and promote their talent and craft.

Charles is also the host of the Choosing Your Future podcast.

Choosing Your Future is a weekly podcast that will not only encourage you but help you focus on your future and the divine plan for your life. With a balanced approach of Biblical principles,  Choosing Your Future is a great weekly supplement in growing into your purpose in life. Choosing Your Future takes a little science, psychology, philosophy, and Biblical truths, giving you lessons to apply to your life so you can have confidence in your future and your destiny. Whether it’s the weekly podcast, the five minute spontaneous episodes, or the interviews with exciting guests, Choosing Your Future will give you hope and peace in times of uncertainty.

For more information, visit www.charlesmbarnes.com.

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