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What’s This Blog Site About?

So what’s this blog page about? It’s about you…it’s about you and I… it’s about us growing and learning together. One of the most important things I’ve learned is we choose our future. We have the privilege and right to choose and create worlds around us. We choose to love, hate, forgive, not forgive, become better people or remain the same.We choose to dream big or dream small.

The great thing and the scary thing about this one shot on earth is…we choose! These choices affect others around us and determines what destiny lies ahead of us because when we lose our connection to this earth, our soul connects in a deeper way to the Source of all the universe. 

I want you to live your dreams! My hope and prayer is that in some way my choices have helped you make choices to get the most out of life. Whether I’m writing this blog, books, or screenplays, composing and writing songs, developing apps to help make life easier, or doing weekly podcasts to encourage others…my choice is to learn, grow and help you and others live life to the fullest.


Charles M. Barnes

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